Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playing librarians..

When I was little I "played librarians" with with my ChildCraft encyclopedia sets and mimmicked stamping the due back dates in the front cover... 

Throughout high school, I loved contacting and covering my school books. This obsession I have now taken to a new geeky level. A few months ago I googled and found librarian supplies company Bookcover Co  and bought 2 rolls of the clear book covering... And now voila!

The dewey decimal system has yet to be implemented ;)

Hey at least my cookbooks don't get dirty or greasy!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Finally a new oven!

JD & I went to the Ilve kitchen appliance sale today, everything was 35% off. I was actually surprised we left with something, but again then there was not much convincing required, we've needed a new oven for so long!
The original 1960's oven from when the apartment was first built is still chugging along but it takes forever to roast, bake or toast..

Our new one is only 60cm but will fit our kitchen layout perfectly. I have always wanted a freestanding oven for my dream industrial style kitchen.

Image via The Style Files

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love brown kraft paper

So no surprises that I think this faux paper bag tote is pretty darn cool.
Remember Tucker from the
Australian Supermarket Tuckerbag Commercials back in the 80's?

Actually made of leather

Found via Sunday Brunch Dress

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I wish..

we had built in shelves like this in our home.

Sorry Image source unknown

Dang it, we'll have to just settle and make do with our Ikea Lack floating shelves....

Oh I have visions of myself on this couch on a Sunday morning with the papers sprawled everywhere, sipping a cup of tea..

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fashion Illustration

I love love love fashion illustration. I have all the Laird Borelli books.

This love affair started when I was about 13 at the local library when I stumbled across a book on Antonio Lopez. I must have loaned it out a zillion times, I should have offered to buy it. 
Since then I have desperately tried to find the original Antonio 60:70:80 - Three Decades of Fashion Illustration but to no avail.  I have a copy of Antonio's People but it's no way near a fabulous as the original.. 

Here's some cool illustrations by Lisolette Watkins which I had saved in my images file a few years ago. 

Images via Art Dept

Check out more amazing work by Lisolette Watkins and lots more inspiring artists at Art Dept

Maybe one day I'll post some of my doodles from many moons ago.. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend bargains

I went to the Country Road warehouse in Richmond and grabbed a few basic bargains for work.
Honest, not everything in my wardrobe is grey & dreary, but for some reason this winter it's all I seem to be buying..

Ruffle plaid shirt dress was $129 down to $79.95

Fine wool dress was $149 - reduced down to $49.95

Grey marle skirt was $129.95 down to $29.95

Charcoal Peep toe platforms $149 down to $59.95

Oh and I manage to score JD a knit for $29.95!

When I was in high school my part-time supermarket check out chick pay packet was blown 90% on clothing 10% social life activites.. These days priorities have changed and I'm more drawn to buying homewares or splurge on eating out, oh and there's that darn mortgage, and therefore less on clothing.

I try to be a bit more savy with how I update my wardrobe by budget friendly vintage thrift buys mixed with wardrobe staples from stores like Country Road and the like. I'm lucky that I also have a generous sister who always thinks of me when she's overseas or sample shopping ;) ox

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here's a sweet card we got from a friend for our engagement.

If you're blind like me, click on image to enlarge

P.S New white blinds look awesome!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our bedroom

I tidied up for you...
During the week it gets quite messy, clothes thrown in frustration each morning, my magazines left lying around...

Our side tables are old milking stools. JD's stool is where the ugly tech stuff is kept eg. alarm clock, mobile phones etc.

This room goes through re-incarnations every time I change quilt covers. I bought this quilt cover from ebay for only $40!! It's a light musky pink colour & has a lovely subtle white floral paisley/floral print. I love it!. See it up close & buy here - The seller has more!

My op shop dresser & lamp

I'm thinking of changing the wardrobe door handles

Maybe something like this:

I'm watching some brushed stainless steel ones on ebay at the moment but not sure if they'll have the same effect.

We're getting new white wooden venetian blinds this week! After 7 years, we can get rid of the crappy, dirty beige & bent, clunky aluminium blinds!! Yay!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This lil chicken went to market..

After a self imposed ban, I succumbed and made my way to the Camberwell trash & treasure market today.

Vintage white cotton shirt $2

Fresh flowers $4.50 a bunch

Cannery knited jumper $2

Vintage Mustard Pumps - $4

Petite Vintage Suitcases $5 + $8.

Vintage leather flats $5

Victorian Lace Collar/Neck Piece $8

Vintage black t-bar brogues $10

The square black & white houndstooth suitcase I purchased from an Antique store in Hobart last easter holidays.
Total $53 Not bad, not bad at all..

Sunday breaky @ Porgie & Mr Jones

To polish off a successful day at the market, I had a delicious breakfast at Porgie & Mr Jones in East Hawthorn.
Mr Jones scrambled eggs with holy goats cheese was scrumdiliumcious!

Friday, May 15, 2009

More gems on ebay

Industrial Ivory Metal Cabinet
Very cool for our office/junk room - if only I had a spare $2000

Indian Juggling Pins
I forgot and missed out

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Once I was an ammunition box...

I bought some  cleat hooks, castor wheels and twine and... ta dah! 

I am pretty crap when it comes to DIY. 
Always doing things the hard and long way. I always jump right in and never make assessments prior to commencing.
For example in this situation I just started screwing the screws to attach the castors. I got to the last one & realised the screws were too long and protruded through into the box. So unscrewed and re-screwed.. Hmm, sound familiar? Much like my painting debarkle.

I bought the ammo box from a homewares store I used to work at doing visual merchandising when I was at Uni. It was a pretty cool store, it sold lots of random industrial fixtures, furniture bits and bobs amongst, design, travel and cook books, basic kitchen and homeware staples. But then also sold KitchenAid mixers and blenders, Fornasetti & Wedgewood china, and Jasper Conran glassware. There was something for every budget. The Christmas windows were alot of fun to do.

Velo Rouge

As previously mentioned, here's Tori Dixon-Whittle & David Bromley's Velo Rouge children's wear store located in A Day On Earth, 280 Chapel Street, Prahran.

Original letter blocks with cute illustrations behind

Kettle cable pendants looped around the ceiling

This antique dressing table is teeny tiny and stands about 80cm high 

Remember the cardboard picture blocks as a child? Giant ones are replicated

My photo's don't really do the space justice, there's lots more vintage vignettes that I didn't capture. I suppose it can borderline eerie for some, but for me it's quaint and nostalgic.

The A Day on Earth website has just been updated, you can check out the amazing photography by Jeremy Blincoe and the studio spaces. 
Here's an interesting article from The Age (Melbourne) Magazine that I came across.

Last 3 images by Jeremy Blincoe via A Day on Earth

Monday, May 11, 2009

Stop bloggin', start cleaning

Tea towel from Materialistic

Need to start cleaning and de-cluttering my over crowded flat. I've been putting it off, but the kitchen needs really good clean and the sink is clogged! The bathroom is JD's area of expertise - he's does toilet, shower, bath etc.

Then there's the rest of the flat.
We have too much crap and I admit, I am a horder but I think now it's time I let go. I've done an ebay pile, a hand out pile, and an op shop (thrift/good will) donation pile.

I admit the ebay pile is getting rather big... I'll have to dedicate a whole weekend to photography and description writing. Eek, I can't be bothered! I bet no one will buy it and I'll end up in deficit (hmm, that word has been thrown round abit hey?) with the ebay charges.
Well, I could book a stall at the Camberwell Sunday market but its' way too cold to be getting up at 5am.

Hmmm, maybe "Stop bitchin', start cleaning" would have been a more fitting title...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little butter ball

I walked into the room and found Arch curled up like this today.

Occasionally we find him on his back, snoring with all fours splayed. JD calls this the car crash position - terrible I know, but very funny if you ever saw it.

This dog has better bed linen than we do.
I got this vintage eiderdown from Ebay but it was too small and too ratty to use anywhere else, so it was relegated to Archie.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Winter woolies

This week I bought...
These yummy knits from a special sample and seconds sale held by The Bowerbird for family and friends. They are the fashion agents for new Melbourne knitwear label Braide and cheap and cheery label Mink Pink. Love a bargain!

He, he, he my seed-esque styling

The stripe knit & waffle knit by Braide
& the long cardi was Mink Pink sample

I also bought these new vintage brown Robin school shoes from an op-shop, not as nice as the ebay ones but not bad for $5. Hmmm, is it daggy for a grown person to be wearing school shoes?