Saturday, April 18, 2009

What to do? To paint or not to paint?

So here's the dresser I had been eying off at the local op-shop nearby work. On my super successful day of op-shopping I decided for only $50 it surely had to be mine. The several elderly gentlemen at this particular Salvo's were super cute and ridiculously helpful in carrying it into my already jam packed car.

Originally it had a mirror attached but I want to use it as a sideboard so I unscrewed it off quite easily and gave it to my sister, which she was wrapped about.

I'm now debating as to whether I should leave it as is, or paint it a very light gray which is what I had originally intended to do.. I've been a bit of a fence sitter on the debated comments on painting furniture on Design Sponge so it doesn't surprise me that I am umming & ahhing over this.

It does have some minor white heat marks on the top but that doesn't overly phase me. It's more so that it's a very warm orangey colour..

Our home is full of mix mosh furniture and as they say maybe it "just comes together", then again I am trying to make an asserted effort to cull and make our home more "polished" and not so "looked what I dragged in today" which is JD's sentiments occasionally.

Hmm, any suggestions?

Here's the lovely wooden letters I got off ebay (shipped from the US) a few of years ago. The letter "d" is of sentiment as it is our surname initial but the others I just liked and got a wee abit carried away and just had to have them.


  1. I think leave it! I like it as it is. What agreat find!

  2. I think leave it as is, it is a beautiful piece and your arrangement on top looks great.