Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big green bottles

Image via Seed Femme

Image via Seed Femme

Image via Toast

I bought one of these big vintage glass bottles for $5 from an op shop. Actually, I spotted it. Left. Drove home. Mulled over it. Went back with JD the following weekend. He agreed it was cool. Then it was ours.
Does anyone know what they were used for?
It stands 50cm tall & 30cm in diameter and yet as most things, we have no purpose for it, but hope to find a pretty spot for it.

Have you been into the new Seed Femme stores? They recently opened stores in High St Armadale, in Melbourne & Oxford St, Sydney. If not, you should check out their website to view the beautiful instore styling. It's very beachy, Cape Cod, Hamptons-ish.
I especially love the the white timber racks, kinda like the bakers racks or shoe trolleys I've been obsessing over. Oh and the coffee table with industrial metal legs (oh my, who would have guess?)

There's lovely little vignettes everywhere, bird cages, ladders, vintage hardbacks, old glass bottles etc.. The clothing is abit meh, but definately will be dropping in again just to admire the space.

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  1. i remember these giant bottles from when i was little. my nan used to keep her one and two cent coins in them. i'm pretty sure they used to be giant apple juice bottles (seriously!) cause i'd love to count the coins and then smell the mix of copper and sweet apple juice. oh the simple pleasures of childhood!