Monday, April 20, 2009

coffee table

We bought an old wooden plank from Richmond Relics (now Ridgey Didge) industrial furniture store in Melbourne 8 years ago, even before we bought our flat.
Apparently it was use as platform to assist people on and off train back in the day.. Hmmm, I never know whether to believe these stories told by second hand dealers, for all we know they could be complete bulls**t, but it is a quaint story to tell our visitors. Either way we thought it was cool and would make a great coffee table.

We considered putting big fat castor wheels on it..
But the eventual plan is to weld a metal frame to elevate it, sorta something like this:

In the meanwhile I thought I could make it work it like this..

Scanned from Simple Style By Julia Bird

But our couches are higher and leaning down that low for our cup of teas was getting annoying...

Luckily we've befriended a welder who is a has offered to help. By posting about it will now bring an onslaught of nagging JD and our poor friend. Hopefully a pic of the finished table won't be too far away!

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