Monday, February 23, 2009

decisions, decisions...

SO HERES, my dress!

It's not my usual style, actually kind of a far from it, but I love it !!
I wanted something classic and of the 60's/70's era.. It sort of reminds me of the Jean Shrimpton shift but I'll be minus the hot pins!

My sis (my personal stylist) took me to Retro Star in the city to take a look at vintage pieces. I tried some on and whilst they were stunning, the fabric was too thick and very itchy! I felt more Queen of England and not very Audrey Hepburn. So I've opted for the Alannah Hill version which i was lucky to get at a very good price.

So first, I had none.. And now I'm overwhelmed with shoe options.. Don't ask where the second shoe for the 3rd option is.. Likely to be lost some where in the abyss of this crowded apartment.. It's currently been taken over by decorations, cushions, catering supplies...

cutest photobooth ever!!

Initially, I wanted to hire one of the black & white old school photobooths for our engagement but after a couple of calls we just couldn't justify spending $1800 on it.

After some wedding blog researching, I quickly fell in love with the idea of a makeshift fabric photo booth back drop, and i must say these happy snaps from Lena Corwin's wedding are the sweetest I've ever seen!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Vintage Marysville Poster via Persuasive Posters

Haven't posted in a while...
In disbelief and lost for words on the events that have transpired in Victoria over the last couple of weeks. And sadly some areas are still battling...

On Saturday 7th February, the worst fire in Australian history swept through towns nearby Melbourne. Amongst some of the worst hit was Kinglake, where J's family friends have lost homes and lost neighbours.

Marysville, a stunning little town in the hills with these magnificent towering trees up the Black Spur was completely devastated. This time last year we were fortunate to have spent a weekend away with friends of in a lovely cabin nestled amongst the ferns.
We ate pies at the local bakery, bought local made olive bread from the general store, and got lost in Bruno's magical sculpture garden... Sigh...

J & I have donated and sent an email out requesting for our party guests to donate to the Red Cross Appeal in lieu of engagement gifts.

My thoughts are with all the families affected and courageous volunteers. I hope these beautiful towns and their communities return to the splendor they once were..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

industrial rustic

Love. Love. Love... The work bench table, the white cupboards, the wire baskets, industrial glass - Home of Annie McClure - image via Moodboard

invitation bundles

Here's how we posted the invites out..

I searched all over to find thick stock kraft envelopes - ebay saves the day again!

garage sale purchase

A couple weeks back i stumbled across a garage sale and bought this cute geometric wall paper for $2 - It's colour is quite muted greys/greens.

Not sure what i'll do with it yet...

Monday, February 2, 2009

on a tissue mission!

So here begins the trails and tribulations of the decorations i have in mind.. I've decided to deck the venue out in Martha's Pom Poms in a bid to detract from the daggy photos, banner, plaques (& photo of the Queen) !

So here's my colour scheme of pom poms, it took forever to find the right shades of green & blue!! Yay for Ebay! I spent less on 3 colour shades in comparison to what would have cost me $40 for one ream of just 1 shade.. Arhh simple pleasures for a crazed pedantic virgo!

Geeze, this only validates why i so need this blog - fam, friends & JD would not understand why i fret over such frivolous things like finding the right colour shades of tissue paper!! Embarassing to admit..

Sunday, February 1, 2009

engagement party

So as JD and I will be having a super small wedding (immediate family & close friends only) we have decided organise a biggish (150 is big for us) engagement party with family & lovely acquaintances that we won't be able to invite to the wedding.

We both want the engagement party a lovely and fun night but hopefully without the hefty price tag... So we've opted for an old lawn bowls club house close to the city & not far from our house so it won't stress the bejeesus out of me trying to organise logistics of everything. And hopefully having it there will be a lot more cost effective, as we can basically do what ever we want in terms of food and alcohol.

The club house is a bit daggy but has lot of potential to turn into a cute venue, but it will be abit of a challenge. It's a white weatherboard with green trimmings and is one of the oldest clubs in dating back to the 1880's. It's has great bench seats inside which i can dress with a mix of cushions.. and great floorboards for a smashing dance floor.

So I'm thinking of making light of the daggyness and theming it a retro 50's school hall prom sort of feel.. It (the venue) is what it is, no point making it out to be some la de da place when clearly it's not..


Here's it is! The beginning of my adventure into the big, scary world of blogging! After ALOT of umming and arhhhing, should i, shouldn't i's - I thought it was time to create a visual diary of the beautiful and inspiring things that i stumble across.
Growing up i had always kept a personal diary and recently i read back at the things i used to agonize, laugh, smile and pine over. I'm hoping this blog will do the same in giving me a glimpse of how my style evolves, and helping me nut out the creative ponderings in the process of organizing our engagement, wedding and making our house a home. Here we go.....