Sunday, February 1, 2009

engagement party

So as JD and I will be having a super small wedding (immediate family & close friends only) we have decided organise a biggish (150 is big for us) engagement party with family & lovely acquaintances that we won't be able to invite to the wedding.

We both want the engagement party a lovely and fun night but hopefully without the hefty price tag... So we've opted for an old lawn bowls club house close to the city & not far from our house so it won't stress the bejeesus out of me trying to organise logistics of everything. And hopefully having it there will be a lot more cost effective, as we can basically do what ever we want in terms of food and alcohol.

The club house is a bit daggy but has lot of potential to turn into a cute venue, but it will be abit of a challenge. It's a white weatherboard with green trimmings and is one of the oldest clubs in dating back to the 1880's. It's has great bench seats inside which i can dress with a mix of cushions.. and great floorboards for a smashing dance floor.

So I'm thinking of making light of the daggyness and theming it a retro 50's school hall prom sort of feel.. It (the venue) is what it is, no point making it out to be some la de da place when clearly it's not..

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