Monday, February 16, 2009


Vintage Marysville Poster via Persuasive Posters

Haven't posted in a while...
In disbelief and lost for words on the events that have transpired in Victoria over the last couple of weeks. And sadly some areas are still battling...

On Saturday 7th February, the worst fire in Australian history swept through towns nearby Melbourne. Amongst some of the worst hit was Kinglake, where J's family friends have lost homes and lost neighbours.

Marysville, a stunning little town in the hills with these magnificent towering trees up the Black Spur was completely devastated. This time last year we were fortunate to have spent a weekend away with friends of in a lovely cabin nestled amongst the ferns.
We ate pies at the local bakery, bought local made olive bread from the general store, and got lost in Bruno's magical sculpture garden... Sigh...

J & I have donated and sent an email out requesting for our party guests to donate to the Red Cross Appeal in lieu of engagement gifts.

My thoughts are with all the families affected and courageous volunteers. I hope these beautiful towns and their communities return to the splendor they once were..

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