Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello again...

So I was hoping to slip quietly back into blogging..

But i have yet to decide what this space is to become..

Never intended to be a personal blog or to promote any thing as such. Perhaps just to share my creative inspirations and occassional ranting over the beautiful. I spose I can only see how it evolves.. if it does evolve.

We welcomed our little girl into the world 10 days ago on the 18th of September, 4 days before her due date. In her short time with us she is brought such amazing joy and love to our little family. This will never be a mama's blog but perhaps I can share the little things that bring joy to our changing life.

I made this vertical garden of succulents with the brown vitamin bottles I collected whilst pregnant with little Miss. I strung them together 2 days before little R was born. It reminds me of the 9 months of her growing in my belly as I walk pass them in the our hall.. Xx