Monday, February 2, 2009

on a tissue mission!

So here begins the trails and tribulations of the decorations i have in mind.. I've decided to deck the venue out in Martha's Pom Poms in a bid to detract from the daggy photos, banner, plaques (& photo of the Queen) !

So here's my colour scheme of pom poms, it took forever to find the right shades of green & blue!! Yay for Ebay! I spent less on 3 colour shades in comparison to what would have cost me $40 for one ream of just 1 shade.. Arhh simple pleasures for a crazed pedantic virgo!

Geeze, this only validates why i so need this blog - fam, friends & JD would not understand why i fret over such frivolous things like finding the right colour shades of tissue paper!! Embarassing to admit..

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