Friday, May 8, 2009

My Day on Earth

My gorgeous friend (who gave me the hot tip on Mark Tuckey's apartment & furniture auction), recently started work at David Bromley's A Day on Earth store in Prahran. I popped in to visit her yesterday before a catch up dinner.
I've been in there several times before but I'm always too shy to ask if I can take photo's, so I normally go into sensory overload and quietly gush over everything. I got a little star struck when she introduced me to David, but he was very warm and super friendly.

So off I went snapping away...

I loved the all business card designs, so I greedily had to collect them all

Quotes painted onto the ceilings

I love these cable kettle pendant lights hung and looped all over the store. 

Back wall mural

SOLD! This adorable tricycle

Traditional Japanese Bath House Timber Lockers
Each locker had a numbered wooden key to open - Super cool!

Antique Japanese card drawers

Apothecary jars & scientific beakers

And this was only the rear of the store! I could have continued snapping away but I had to contain myself from looking like an eager tourist in front of a foreign landmark.

I took a tour of the basement, where a stunning hand painted patterned timber floors lead you into another amazing little room with more visual delights.

David's partner Tori, has a stunning children's clothing label called Velo Rouge which is beautifully displayed in yet another room - I took photo's but I think that's a separate post all together.

How amazing to work in an store where so many different people; young and old and all walks of life getting such enjoyment out of this storybook like space and it's delightful inhabitants!

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