Monday, May 11, 2009

Stop bloggin', start cleaning

Tea towel from Materialistic

Need to start cleaning and de-cluttering my over crowded flat. I've been putting it off, but the kitchen needs really good clean and the sink is clogged! The bathroom is JD's area of expertise - he's does toilet, shower, bath etc.

Then there's the rest of the flat.
We have too much crap and I admit, I am a horder but I think now it's time I let go. I've done an ebay pile, a hand out pile, and an op shop (thrift/good will) donation pile.

I admit the ebay pile is getting rather big... I'll have to dedicate a whole weekend to photography and description writing. Eek, I can't be bothered! I bet no one will buy it and I'll end up in deficit (hmm, that word has been thrown round abit hey?) with the ebay charges.
Well, I could book a stall at the Camberwell Sunday market but its' way too cold to be getting up at 5am.

Hmmm, maybe "Stop bitchin', start cleaning" would have been a more fitting title...

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