Thursday, May 14, 2009

Velo Rouge

As previously mentioned, here's Tori Dixon-Whittle & David Bromley's Velo Rouge children's wear store located in A Day On Earth, 280 Chapel Street, Prahran.

Original letter blocks with cute illustrations behind

Kettle cable pendants looped around the ceiling

This antique dressing table is teeny tiny and stands about 80cm high 

Remember the cardboard picture blocks as a child? Giant ones are replicated

My photo's don't really do the space justice, there's lots more vintage vignettes that I didn't capture. I suppose it can borderline eerie for some, but for me it's quaint and nostalgic.

The A Day on Earth website has just been updated, you can check out the amazing photography by Jeremy Blincoe and the studio spaces. 
Here's an interesting article from The Age (Melbourne) Magazine that I came across.

Last 3 images by Jeremy Blincoe via A Day on Earth

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