Monday, May 18, 2009

Our bedroom

I tidied up for you...
During the week it gets quite messy, clothes thrown in frustration each morning, my magazines left lying around...

Our side tables are old milking stools. JD's stool is where the ugly tech stuff is kept eg. alarm clock, mobile phones etc.

This room goes through re-incarnations every time I change quilt covers. I bought this quilt cover from ebay for only $40!! It's a light musky pink colour & has a lovely subtle white floral paisley/floral print. I love it!. See it up close & buy here - The seller has more!

My op shop dresser & lamp

I'm thinking of changing the wardrobe door handles

Maybe something like this:

I'm watching some brushed stainless steel ones on ebay at the moment but not sure if they'll have the same effect.

We're getting new white wooden venetian blinds this week! After 7 years, we can get rid of the crappy, dirty beige & bent, clunky aluminium blinds!! Yay!


  1. Hi love your bedroom and bed. I am trying to get a bed spread from ebay but it is a bit tricky, I am not good at bidding. But your room looks great and the finds from the market are very cool! Where is your white throw on your bed from? Lovely!

  2. That dresser is amazing!!! I LOVE it! you lucky thing:)

  3. Thank you thank you :)
    Patagonia Mum - I got the the throw as a xmas gift from my guy a couple years back. It's by Sheridan but I should mention that it's more of a neutral color but i think i recall seeing it in white as well.

    Little Jane St - Thank you, I love it too :) I can't believe i thought twice about getting it.

  4. GASP!
    your dresser is absolutely dreamy. i am unbearably jealous.