Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Holy toledo!

Now, I'm really excited!
My friend just emailed me the link to Mark Tuckey's auction for his apartment and furniture!
He and his wife Louella, a talented stylist and their little family have made the move to Sydney.

The paintings are by Australian artist David Bromley

I'm trying hard to convince myself that I don't really need this industrial bakery table:

Or this Eames coffee table:

Or these Mark Tuckey stools (seen previously in a great kitchen story featured in Real Living):

Or these egg cup stools:

More great items and auction details are posted on his website.
I'm tempted to go just to admire his beautfiful home. But is that just plain rude?

Ummm, who knows I may feel obliged to bid on something....
More images of this lovely home on - My gosh what a stalker..

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  1. i am enamored.