Sunday, January 31, 2010

the weekend

On the weekend I completed my very own black bunting cushion. And oh yeah mastered zips! Previously I did the pillowcase fold. Feeling rather proud of myself I may make a couple more. Alas JD will argue that we do not need any more cushions!

I kept to my frugalness and stayed in with a friend on Saturday night. We made pad thai and watched a teeny popper reality tv box set dvd which I think has turned my brain to mush.

Today I went to Spotlight, I came across the Martha Stewart craft range. Craft heaven. "Walk away, just walk away" I coached myself. Luckily, I left with only a couple of zips other bits which didn't brake the bank, a few things to keep me preoccupied for my self imposed weekend house arrest.


  1. Ooh love it looks great! I have far more cushions than I need too but they just look so nice. Homemade pad Thai sounds like a great Saturday!

  2. Good job! I like to think that you can never have enough cushions. I found some lovely ones on Etsy today that I am currently trying to resist :)