Monday, January 4, 2010

a cute share house

I had to take a snap of the hand towel... cause it made me smile.

Yesterday, I caught up with an old work friend and visited the house she shares with two early 'twenty-something' year old lads.

What was incredibly sweet was that they all contributed in making this rental house their lovely home: adorable type written notes, vintage match boxes for visitors to pick and take home with them, an impressive vegie patch, (her housie was tending to the garden with Outkast blaring on the stereo - cute!) They do communal trips to op-shops, the Camberwell trash n treasure market and the Queen Vic fruit n veg market. It made me miss the student life that I never had...

During the house tour I pointed out the Missoni hand towel in the bathroom. My friend quotes one of her male housies "Gee, you must really like that hand towel, you're always putting it back in place.." Ha, ha cute!

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