Friday, January 29, 2010

love at second sight

by Kat Macleod from the Heide

Often when I should be working (cleaning, cooking, or running out the door to meet someone) I do quick blog surf - just to get my fix. I come across things that I adore but don't fully appreciate properly until I stumble across it a second time. This was the case when I first saw this gorgeous limited edition Kat Macleod tea cup set on the Design Files but then again in todays the Age Melbourne magazine. Isn't purdy?


  1. Hi, I came on through via Little Glowing Lights...yes, the teaset is lovely - I love the colour combo. I enjoy the Design Files as well - so many inspiring things! Have a lovely weekend, Sarah

  2. I fell completely in love with this teapot when it came through in a michi girl email, it's gorgeous.... I'm trying not to think about it too not need another teapot!

  3. way too pretty - and useful :) perfect combination, and those colours and shapes, so soothing, like tea