Monday, February 1, 2010

my summer basics

my summer wardrobe:

:: soft grey and pastel tone scarves
:: elise carrel leather bag - a great size for work
:: cheap slouchy mens cotton t-shirts :: $10 each!
:: my funkis clogs from gorman :: a birthday pres from my sister
:: country road sleepware :: i love grey marle and stripes

I've also found a couple nautical stripe slips from sussans which have come in handy to throw on after a swim. Ha, I'll soon be known as the weirdo that wears her pyjamas around town.


  1. I love your basic summer, but now in winter here can not
    use them! jejeje, I love the bag:) and thank you for visiting me, I
    I have made a habit of visiting your blog every day. kisses and love

  2. yum!i love funkis clogs too :)

  3. The clogs look great. I totally get the pj's during the daytime thing - some of them are too nie to restrict to the bedroom.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. i have that country road nightie, so comfy i'm going to buy another.
    i want to know where is that mat from?