Saturday, October 3, 2009

the weekend so far..

Last night, friends and I had dinner and drinks at Movida. Yuuum. Completely over ordered and still managed to squeeze in churros and a citrus custard for dessert. Oh my, deeelicous.
Afterwards we saw Sarah Blasko at the forum. What can I say, she was spectacularly ethereal.

Today JD and I worked a little more on the kitchen (kitchen? what kitchen...?) On the way to Bunnings, I stopped off and checked out a school trash n treasure market. I bought this "It's love that makes a house a home" cross stitch for $2. It's strategically placed amongst the crumbling bricks and mess in the kitchen.. I spose a little cheesiness never hurt nobody.

Going to see a movie tonight with the boy.

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  1. Ooh movida is so good! Yum. I keep meaning to get their book. How was Sarah blasko, she is so sweet, I hope she will come to Hobart soon.