Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slowly re-vamping the kitchen...

I feel it will be long and arduous task. It's been 14 days since JD pulled out the old oven and still no cooking facilities except the microwave & balcony BBQ. Arrggh!

Along with the new oven, we have decided to give the kitchen a little revamp. We've opted to keep the existing 1950's style white cupboards. Although before we install the new oven we'll be replacing the tiles, tapware, benchtops, new range hood plus stain the floors in the entire house. Which means packing up everything and moving it to various storage areas eg. my mums, JD's parents, a friends garage.

At least the old brown tiles came off today, although not difficult, half off them above the sink were voluntarily coming off anyway.

Brown tiles be GONE!
Excuse the odd product placement but this was the only close up pic of the tiles before we ripped them off - by the way locally made Cunliffe & Waters preserves and jam are delicious!

Kitchen ramblings:
Me: "So I'm thinking clean, simple lines, uncluttered... Hmmm, rustic white slash industrial?"
JD: Scoffs rather loudly "Uncluttered?! You are the biggest hoarder ever, I don't think so!

I know I have no discipline and will never stick to an all white neutral kitchen. Random nicnacs of colour will creep in and find a home there on the shelves and benches..

Please note, you are viewing the DIY work of some major slackers. Fast turnover of before & after pics are very unlikely to be seen any time soon.


  1. How exciting! But then renovations can be such a painful process, are you doing it yourself? Can't wait to see the results.

  2. Heh, sounds just like us. It's a very slow process... Looking forward to seeing the progress (no pressure!) All the best.