Sunday, June 28, 2009

Phillip Island treasures

Phillip Island was really nice and relaxing. Surprisingly the sun did make an appearance. Running out of town amidst a ripped up kitchen is not the smartest idea but JD's bosses organized a weekend getaway to treat the employees, and their partners & children. Very thoughtful and generous.

As always I took the opportunity to scourer the op shops and found a fabulous antique store and nabbed some great things:

This thick woolly yellow houndstooth fabric which goes cheerfully with the Ink & Spindle fabric I got from the Melbourne Design Market a couple weekends go.

We also stopped off at the local trash n treasure market where I found this cute milk glass bud vase, which JD thought was hideous. However I paid the stall vendor when he had his back turned, and laughed pretty hard when he discovered it had made its way home with us, "Arrrgh, you bought the ugly pimply vase?!"

I also got some pretty vintage dresses and super cute wee sized kiddie chairs, which I'll eventually photograph and post.


  1. Here we go again! I left a comment yesterday but it didn't work (that was using name/url)..see if this works! Love your finds and glad you had a lovely weekend!

  2. I love the ugly pimply vase what a great find! Sounds like a great trip. Love to see what u do with the houndstooth! Fantastic colour.

  3. That white vase is so lovely! And I do love Ink&Spindle fabrics, and I've actually been looking at that same fabric, it is so beautiful!

  4. that is so funny - i was just about to buy a milkplate plater in an opshop the other day and my husband thought it was so revolting and i ended up not buying it! this is PROOF that milk glass is lovely......