Saturday, July 25, 2009

kitchen inspiration

images via Shoot Spaces found via Bliss

Our kitchen progress:
  • bought, measured and cut the bench tops
  • angle grinded into the solid brick wall for the range hood power point, (and still chipping away to make room for the wiring and conjute tubing.. almost done) DUST all over our new floors. Arrgh!
  • finally found the perfect sized white tile - 150mm x 75mm (not as easy as you would think)
  • discovered the underground man hole in our flat to add extra power points.
  • The new stove is electric and to be run directly to the power board. But because the powerboard is so ancient we don't have any spare outlets because the building was built and wired back in the 50's, pre-safety switches we thought it inevitable to have new powerboard installed. Therefore drawing out this process longer and of course more costly.
  • The upside is my brother is an electrician, so hopefully even though this is a huge favor for his older sister (who never usually asks for favors) he won't take his sweet old time. In return I've promised to always make time to hem up his work pants, overalls or jeans.
Other notables:
I burnt myself countless times with the hot air gun stripping back the skirting and beading. Why we didn't do this prior the floors being done, you ask? Time poor is our feeble excuse. To anyone who has done their own kitchen renos' you are my idol. I am piss weak. I'm thinking of scribing another blog titled 'idiotic & painfully slow guide to renovating'.

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