Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cabbage flowers

So I ended up getting the Jorun rug from Ikea yesterday. Currently having a play around with it in the lounge room.. Still unsure, it may be too matchy matchy with the sofa, but I like the pattern.

On the way home I stopped past the flower wholesaler and bought these awesome cabbage flowers. I probably should have attempted a more artful display but gave up.

Yay! The metal frame for our coffee table has been completed and is being dropped off this week. Remember I was ranting on about it back in April, I'll take a pic on the weekend of its new steel legs.


  1. It looks so great must be great having the floors done. I love those cabbage flowers, I keep seeing them around and they are so pretty and unusual.

  2. wow - great rug! i loved your last post on rugs too! i've had them on my mind as of late....saw some great ones but much more rustic in Calico House on brunswick street. am thinking maybe with a tax return splurge????? otherwise that ikea one is great....