Wednesday, September 23, 2009

op-shop finds

I feel like ranting about some of my op-shop finds, so bare with me..

This check smock shirt, I bought a few months ago in Philip Island. I love the big pockets cut on the diagonal. It reminds me of kindergarden art smocks or like some thing out of the Toast catalogue. Oooh I feel like going camping or finding a log cabin hideaway.

This week I uncovered three op-shops near work.
Paid $3 for these Italian woven navy flats. Shame they're half a size too big and are in serious need of topy shoe sole grip. So I found out the hard way: I had a magnificent stack down the stairs in our apartment foyer. Was on my sore bottom picking up all my handbag contents! Lucky no neighbors were around to see it. Bargain? Perhaps not.

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