Thursday, September 10, 2009

a long time between posts..

Gosh so much has happened.. A snapshot of the week that's been..

Friday: Finished up work!
Fare welled some lovely work mates. Was given a gorgeous bracelet & ring from Dinosaur Designs as a parting gift! Love it!

Saturday: JD's 30th Birthday celebrations (a day early) -
Long lunch with friends and family which kicked on until the early hours of the morning, for some..

Sunday: JD's actual birthday -
Shared celebrations with Fathers Day. Spent most of the day doing whizzy dizzies with JD's (almost) 2 year old nephew. Weeeeee!
I made a yummo fennel, dill and lemon baked salmon and homemade mayo tartare sauce.

Monday: First day at work -
All I'm the sudden 'new girl' again.. New challenges, people, bosses, environment. Very refreshing!

Wednesday: My 28th Birthday..
Nothing more awkward than strangers a.k.a the new colleagues singing Happy Birthday. I was hoping I could avoid it but caught out. Crazy, funny, awesome dinner at Mum's - Was spoilt ROTTEN!

JD jokes that we can now go to those rather tragic "over 28's" discotheques together :)

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