Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wardrobe wonderland

Whenever there are some new purchases, the crazy virgo in me comes out in full force and I get this urge to 're-merchandise' the wardrobes. Looooser! I know.
  • I hang every thing by colour blocking, and then by length.
  • I neatly re-fold singlets and knits.
  • I relegate boring, now not so exciting t-shirts and singlets to the sleep or dag around the house section.
  • I sort out my underwear and sock drawer - throw out broken bras and holey stockings.
  • I colour block scarves belts, line up my clutches and hang handbags.
  • I line up my shoes, newbies and golden oldies in prime positioning for easier access.
Until the the middle of the week and it all goes out the window. Here's some dreamy images to inspire and keep me 'in line'...

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous pictures! Wow I wish I could be good like you with organising things, I have zero Virgo in me I guess, everthing ends up in piles. I wish they could look pretty instead!