Sunday, September 20, 2009

a weekend of excesses

An unexpected big friday night, lead to a very sore head & horrible hang over which lasted all of Saturday. I won't be repeating that again anytime soon. Horrid.

Today, I got up bright and early ran errands and unexpectedly burnt a massive hole in my pocket. 5 pairs of shoes; soft vintage boots (finally!), ballet flats, loafers, and these two...
One pair is going back for a refund. Keeping both is a wee overboard. Which colour, I am yet to decide...

I think they'll look better with opaque tights...


  1. Five pairs is an impressive effort! I like the darker version of these shoes. Which is you decide on?

  2. Ooh are these the sportsgirl ones? I've had my eye on them but I worry about their shoes not lasting, I ended up getting some tan woven sambag ballets but they aren't as cool. Is it just me or is auscreally slow in updating shoe designs? There are so many lovely ones in the us and Europe but here nada. Five pairs is a brilliant effort tho : )