Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Owl did this happen...?

So I was perusing through the current Frankie Magazine and their collectors section featured OWLS!!

My first owl was a wooden fridge magnet which came off a cute Kikki K birthday card given to me from JD a few years ago.
From then, whenever I op-shopped or fossic at markets I'd look out for them. Funny how that happens.. I develop a new obsession and make it my secret mission to find more and more!!

I don't tell family and friends because then I end up with 100 ugly tragic "Copperart" looking owl figurines for every birthday and Christmas present onwards.

I went through this same obsession with: wooden shoe lasts (3), retro cannisters (3 sets), vintage oil paintings (3), retro electrical fans (3) apothecary jars (too many!) industrial/wooden ladders (3) retro or ornate lamps (more than there are power points in our flat!!) wooden desk trays (5) butter dishes (3) wooden signage letters (3) and list goes on and on.. My overcrowded flat is evidence of this!!!

That explains how the name for the blog came about..

Any hoo-t, I thought I would share my collection of owls (5 and counting)..

This guy was at our paar-tay!

This was kindly added to the collection by my sister

This wall art is made of ceramic tiles - very cute!

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