Monday, March 2, 2009

polaroids & pegs...

Vignette of vases & collectables on the table at the entrance

How cute are these chairs? They belonged to the bowls club

The polaroids & fabric booth was a hit!

Sanderson "Merrick Park" fabric used for our photo booth

To the left of the cool retro chairs was our fabric photobooth suspended from the ceiling. JD's dad is an upholsterer & gave us a roll of this cute Sanderson hydrangea fabric.

I was quite surprised that everyone embraced the fabric photobooth. I expected some guests to look at it and think "what on earth is this for?" and was prepared that some just wouldn't "get it" but most voluntarily jumped in front of it and snapped away..

I used the same fabric to make cushions for the benches inside. They really helped in making the place look cosy.

My ceramic owl, (a previous op-shop buy) held the pegs used to hang our polaroid photos onto the ribbon pinned to the board.
Weeks leading up to the party we kept our eyes peeled for vintage ceramic vases, jars, tea light holders and vintage plates for church candles, which were scattered around on the tables.

I bought a variety of white, green foliage & flowers from a wholesaler who sells to the public, and they were conveniently located nearby the venue. I bought 14 bunches for $130 in the morning of the party, an bargain!!! They were arranged very casually, it looked absolutely perfect!!

More photos to come....

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