Sunday, July 18, 2010

weekend randomness

The weekend was very random. a civalised work gathering ended up at a vodka bar and dancing to the wee hours. Mum visited today and found me in a lazy state and in contrast JD was being all handy looking rather impressive drilling this and fixing that round the house.

We walked Archie to the beach. Seriously that dog is impossible, he went at the other much bigger dogs and just could not cope with the cyclists.

I'll try my first attempt at coq au vin tonight and to add to the randomness I'm making lemon slice - just because..

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Little bits around the house from our trip, hat from UO and New York in a bag from Muji. Feels like forever ago..


  1. I love your little muji new york such a great reminder! Lemon slice sounds very yum to me.

  2. Fabulous hat! Ah muji :) My mum loves that store and has brought me back many a muji thing. How was coq a vin? Hope yummy!