Monday, July 5, 2010

sails away

I came across this vintage oil painting in a inner city op-shop. It had a $90 price tag on it - Was it worth it? I am yet to decide.. So I kept walking and left it behind. Should I go back?

This was the most expensive op shop I have been to, given it's location, they knew the market rates; art deco drink trolleys for $300, vintage Bentwoods $80. Better that it goes to charity then dealers to on sell I suppose.

I took this photo with my crappy 3 year old nokia phone - I am perhaps the only person I know without an iphone.. it didn't turn out so bad.


  1. I quite like it. But I would want to change the frame. Either paint in a glossy black or off white. Or ditch the frame altogether and get a new one - plain block chunky wood sitting on a white boarder or something.
    Not sure on the price though. might have to haggle a bit.
    BTW I don't have a iphone either.

  2. Yeah I wasn't loving the frame either. I might go back over the weekend try my luck. If it's no longer there I spose it was meant to be..