Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NYC: looking up

Got a severe case of bloggers fatigue..
Currently culling through the hundreds (no kidding) photos from our trip. Sadly there's definitely quantity, not so much quality. I really wish I could take better photos. Sigh.

Whilst in NYC, we met up with our beautiful friends Han & James, who made it over from London. James was quite enamored by the various fire escapes, admiring their designs, critiquing and praising the well decorated ones. There were bright cherry red ones, and some entwined in fairy lights. Oh crap, perhaps I should have taken more photos...

Photos of the lower east side : outside Babycakes, the cutest cupcakery; bow tie uniformed staff, bunting hanging from the ceiling. This natural vegan organic bakery was jammed packed.

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  1. Enjoyed your photo's. they tell a story.