Monday, June 14, 2010

the weekend

Was very low key. I piked out on birthday drinks, (I get terribly anti-social in the winter) you know you're getting old when house work is taking preference over big nights out. I went to the movies and saw this with the girls and this with the boy. We had friends over tonight and I made a spicy coconut green curry pumpkin soup and we recapped the dismal world cup results.

We purchased some white venetian blinds on sale which replaced some very dated blue blinds, I think the previous owners put them up in the early 90's when blue, yellow, white beach schemes and vibrant dolphin & star fish mirrors were popular.

On Sunday, on the way to collect a ebay purchase, we came across a garage sale. Success, 2 car trips to get our purchases home and by chance we found the matching chest of drawers to our dresser. I also found a simple thin metal stool at a nearby op-shop, it's in need of some new fabric and a little staple gun action but for $3 I'm happy to have some where to sit to eat my toast in the morning. I'll post a photo soon (Hmm, lets see if I'm all talk, no action?)

More repurposed pallets used above, I'm bookmarking for ideas for backyard daybed for the summer.. Which isn't coming soon enough.


  1. Sometimes bypassing drinks and having a low key weekend really is nice. Yay for your garage sale finds!

  2. Somebody say daybed? I hear ya! (The mere mention of that word makes me want to yawn and stretch out my legs...).
    PS Love love LOVE that image!!!