Sunday, August 29, 2010

inspired by..

Some bits and pieces for the lounge room; a new light and some cushions which had followed me home some months ago but only recently got round to snapping some pics to share.

A some what productive weekend... JD spent most of today in the garden weeding, mowing and planting the ornamental pear trees his parents had given us. I started painting the spare room, which up until now had become the forgotten room - you know the corner or room that becomes the dump and deal with it later room. I painted over the bottom blue half of the previous owners yellow & blue coastal paint job. Eeeek! 3 more walls and 2 more coats...


  1. A beautiful image to take inspiration from, I love that first image - perfection. Good luck with the painting.

  2. fabulous light! hope you're enjoying these warmer days :)

  3. your house is looking good and whats with the great finds in rugs?