Friday, March 5, 2010

happy friday... and a life that was

JD and I went out for dinner tonight.
Friday nights particularly after a long working week, not wanting to be disappointed, we're suckers for returning to favorite haunts. Bosisto's did not disappoint. We chowed down to the white wine mussels with fittes, and anchovie buffulo mozzerella tomatoes and the warm roasted chorizo, chickpea, mushrooms & goat curd to share. And oh extra bread for mopping up the mussel sauce. Heaven.

Full bellied we rolled down Bridge Road to walk it off.
Over the years so much has changed about Richmond, the suburb of my childhood. I recall walking up & down Richmond Hill from my primary school. The big blue stone church disappeared from view as I made it closer to home.

The corner milk bar on Coppin Street which my brother, sister & I used to buy Red Skins and chewing gum after school is no longer. I remember during winter we used to buy these chocolate candy cigarettes and mimicked cigarette smoke with our warm breath blowing into the cold fog air. Argh those were the 80's when political incorrectness rife and kids could faux smoking freely.

I remember the op-shop on the corner of Bridge Road & Hunter Street where I dragged my first thrifted chair home when I was 13. I still have it, and it's followed me to my current home.

During high school visiting friends in the 'burbs on weekends meant jumping on the number 70 tram or waiting on platform 2 at Burnley train station. Two hardworking parents meant my adolescence was independent and with my young parents blind faith that I'd be ok.

Getting my drivers license once I turned 18 was pointless and prolonged. Walking home from a big night out was a 20 minutes and a visit to the bakery at 3am in the morning meant my girlfriends and I could devour freshly baked chocolate croissants - Oh warm chocolate ouzing from the flakey pastry..

No longer the modest working class suburb but now the hub of buzzing cafes and bars, home to Ikea, towering apartments, subdivided blocks of town houses and homes to young professionals and uni student renters.

Oh but Richmond you'll always be mine.


  1. lovely post! I love my childhood 'hood too!

  2. that was a cute story; I forgot about those chocolate cigarettes - crazy when you think about it but it makes me glad that my childhood happened during the 80's. How sweetly innocent things seemed, hey?