Sunday, November 14, 2010


:: baked my first cheesecake (banana!)
:: started a succulent garden
:: dinner, drinks and key of the sea album launch in St Kilda - boogieing past my bed time to the cat empire
:: kicked off my summer workout with a leisurely bike ride (note to self : leave the scarf and cardi at home when riding along side hardcore lycra cyclists)
:: cooked a Sunday roast inspired by stephanie alexander & masterchef - adding a broad bean mint and feta salad (note to self: broad beans are fiddlely)

I love this fresh light living room - beautifully edited with a hint of aqua, navy nauticals and nice texture.


  1. what fun! i have many a happy memory of dancing to cat empire myself :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, a good mix of food and dancing is the best. Love that room too!

  3. I both a cardi/scarf/dress wearing cyclist and lycra cyclist. Just not at the same time. Do whatever pleases you!

    I would eat mountains of broad beans if they didn't need to be peeled. Incidentally my Mum doesn't peel them, but I don't like that outer casing taste.

    Hope this weekend is just as good for you.