Monday, May 3, 2010

the weekend: inspired

So we're all moved in! Big thanks to JD's folks and sister, it all went pretty smoothly. I'm feeling inspired and can't wait to get my decorating mitts on, but will have to hold out until we get back from our holidays. On Sunday, I successfully bidded on a teak dining setting on ebay. Any sane person would be sick of moving any more furniture, but no, not I. Only 1 day in; I clearly have no will power. BTW there's another stunning blue art deco velvet sofa in Adelaide, some one please do me a favour and buy it!!
Why is it I have only recently discovered this awesome website? Ikea: Live is full inspiring images of real homes from around the world. Oh soo little time.


  1. congratulations on the move in. hope your decorating mitts work wonders, i think i've lost mine.

  2. Hello! Long time Aussie-far-from-home lurker here.
    Is this your new place? If it is, don't do anything to it - it's perfect!

  3. Love all three of these pictures!