Sunday, November 8, 2009

the weekend

What glorious summer days we've had, it was sooo incredibly tempting to run away to the beach...
But then friends and family would have endure my 'i have no kitchen blah blah blah' winging for another 6 months. Thankfully progress was made this weekend.

slowly, slowly getting there...

Next time I won't announce my make overs - I'll just show before and after pics when it's done. Mind you, I warned progress photos would be few and far between. The sad thing is, it's not even a full renovation, just a facelift.. Like I said, we're slackers.

Still need to paint and I am on the look out for a kitchen island or breakfast bench.

Winge, winge, winge: Currently having cold showers and washing dishes in the bathroom basin


  1. This is looking like it is going to be a wonderful space!!

  2. i got a beautiful kitchen island/benchy thing which i think you've seen on my blog which was an old bench from brunswick primary school. i got it from these folk who have a shop around the corner from my place - it's on high street, and they sell lotsa great furniture. just cruise up just before you get to where high street forks with plenty road. there are two shops across from each other, one is on a corner. they make custom islands etc and are really well priced. email me if you want and i can find out their address!

  3. It's looking great I love the tiles! Sometimes you need a very good balance between life and rennovations, That sort of work is never fun, but it looks like the results will be worth it!