Sunday, July 10, 2011

lazy like sunday morning

I got through 2 of the things from my list yesterday. The upside is I nabbed lots of bargains and have quite a few wardrobe staples to add to the rotation.
The engagement turned into a big night out so most of today was spent in bed and then on the couch. Whilst in pure procrastination mode I joined Pinterest. Seriously addictive time sucker.


  1. Weekends just aren't long enough are they especially with a night out and the necessary couch time : ) sounds like you had a good one. Ooh love Christmas in July, we already had one but had a mini gathering of friends for a roast lunch today, so good! Oh and pinterest rocks!

  2. Ok should have read this post first...duh! Sounds like a great party! Pintrerest is munching SO much of my time - totally addictive! Hope you have a good week!