Sunday, June 26, 2011

my weekend, my casa

Lunch with the girls was good and bad.
The company and view was beautiful. Lunch itself and service was comical. My gnocchi was so under cooked it was like eating clag glue dumplings. So bad. Next time it will be a packed lunch on the picnic tables.

We finally moved the lounge room back into the front room.
JD worked his Macgyver magic and fixed the heater (for now) The door still needs handles and another coat but I couldn't wait any longer.

A brief trip to the Sunday markets for bunches of poppies and honey. JD's brother and wife and nephews' popped round for a visit. So cute, they had us in hysterics. I didn't get round to making that lemon tart that I'd been promising everyone at work.

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  1. Looks lovely! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. I love poppies - they are like a little bunch of sunshine that make you smile when you see them. I think I will see whether I can find some this week when I am out and about! Stephie x