Thursday, January 6, 2011

via frolic

Eek, feeling a tad nauseous swinging from the hammock (recent gift from a house guest) a bad combination of motion sickness, the heat and an after work drink not sitting too well.

I've stepped inside to say hello to wish you a Haaaaaaaaappy New Yeeear!
May the 2011 bring much joy, love, sweet surprises and happy adventures! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Ah the dreaded hammock-dizzy.

    We are major fans of the hammock in our home [having three at present with another intended for later in the year].

    The tip is to ease into it - no more than 30 min at a time - and probably leave the ubiquitous accessories ie: cocktail or novel until you've progressed from the Novice to Apprentice level.

    Once you've got into the swing of it [oops] you may just become addicted.

    Felicity x