Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Some weeks ago I eluded to some happenings..
A little over a month ago we went to an auction bought a little house nearby the beach. We saw it for a total of 30 minutes, after only 1 pre-sale viewing, come auction day and some major heart palpitations we had ourselves a new home.

It's a small semi detached 1920's Art Deco on a long block, in a livable condition (meaning we don't have to update anything in a hurry, lucky for us slow pokes). There's a good size backyard, with room to extend. Archie will finally have some grass and possibly another fur friend. I can't wait to finally have somewhere sit outside, a little garden and attempt a vegie patch. Equally excited about new places to eat, deli's and grocers and a new neighborhood to discover.

We'll be moving out of our flat in a month. As much as we'll miss it, after 8 years we've out grown it and knew it was time to move on. Amid the chaos, 7 days after we get our keys, we'll fly out to LA, San Francisco and NYC on a whirlwind holiday.

We booked our flights pre-house auction when we convinced ourselves to give up on house hunting and just enjoy life as it was.. but then, I guess what's meant to be is meant to be. I occasionally freak out but know it will be an experience that we'll never forget. A final hoorah to live selfishly.. who knows it will likely be our last ever holiday :)

So folks, if there's any eateries, cute parks, museums, music gigs, bars or shopping secrets you'd like to share, please do!
Many thanks!


  1. For something unique here are 2 picks.
    LA try Nickey Kehoe, I wrote about them today on tumblr. There is a link to them there.
    NY, well Brooklyn actually
    beautifully curated vintage pieces, jewellry, home, etal.
    congrats and enjoy.

  2. Happening overload!! Congratulations on the new house, terribly exciting.

    It's been years since I've been to NYC. I couldn't walk past an Anthropologie without going in and the Whitney museum of American Art rocked my world. Have a ball!

  3. congratulations!! a house!! wow!! very cool :) Ah the craziness of life, but am sure it'll be a fabulous holiday. I look forward to seeing pics of your adventures and also discoveries in your new 'hood.

  4. congratulations on buying a new house by the beach! Have a great trip to the USA!

  5. Not sure when you are in NY but just saw Sibella Court stunning installation at Anthropologie's Rockefeller Centre gallery. Up till May 21.

  6. Thanks for your well wishes and suggestions.
    I'm feeling really disorganized and really need to work out a little itinerary so we're not wondering around aimlessly. Yikes, too much to do!

    I will definitely will be making a few trips into Anthro, and will be sure to make it to the Rockfella store - love Sibella Court. Thanks!

    Georgia, i don't know how to comment on your tumblr - or do i have to join tumblr to comment?