Saturday, August 1, 2009

can o' worms!

Yup opened another can of worms!
I diverted my short attention span off the kitchen and started working on our spare room/office. Given there's only certain things we can do to the kitchen during the week after work hours - eg. we can't drill into brick walls or re-wire so we've been stripping back and re-painting the spare room for the last week.

So before there was one long dark stained floating desk from one wall to another along the window. Whilst it was really nice to have a big work space, with my sewing machine down one end and JD's computer down the other, it limited the furniture layout. It became a storage nightmare and eventually became a junk dumping room.

Sanding on the balcony!

Stripping back paint off the windows & skirting

JD attaching the timber boxes onto runners for handy drawers

My trash n treasure stool

I love timber boxes

I know, it looks 'very Ikea' but the dark table top was looking too heavy against the new floors, repainting it white has opened the space up and makes the room look much bigger.

More pics to come - I'll be adding my collectables and set everything else soonish.. Well, maybe after the kitchen is done!

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  1. i love your customised ikea desk! don't worry - once you have all your bits and pieces in there it won't look too ikea.....can't wait to see it all finished!